I’ve Voted

A few minutes ago, I walked down to the road and put my Georgia primary ballot in the mailbox, lifting the flag. If I do nothing else today, I will have done plenty. And I look forward to casting another ballot — a most consequential ballot — in the fall, as we have a republic to save.

Cool Contrarians

We’re the cool contrarians of Fox,
Talking heads of Murdoch’s box.
We’ll set you straight on what you’ve got,
Why we’re right and Fauci’s not —
Why it’s just like flu or chicken pox.


Solidarity is an intoxicant. Just be sure you’re getting your high in solidarity with folks who know a hawk from a handsaw. Especially these days.

Healing Train

There will be no epiphanies. No paroxysms of regret. Mitch and the boys won’t be saying sorry. They must be lifted up by the election crane and moved off the tracks to make way for the healing train, amen.

What’s Required

Perhaps this is the year, at long last, when the rational majority of Americans finally take the reins from the radical libertarians and the religious zealots and the bigots and get the republic out of the ditch. What’s required is informed, energetic pragmatism.

A Tribal Selfishness

A tribal selfishness, I think, lies at the core of Trumpism — a narrow definition of the “we,” with others regarded as adversaries in a zero-sum game. If a quick reopening of the country primarily exposes others to a renewed threat from the virus, then so be it, and let the chips fall where they […]

Provisional All-Clear

Half six in the East. A storm came in the wee hours. It took nothing valuable but my sleep. The coffee’s on, and the wren’s sounding a provisional all-clear from a nearby branch. Wrens, of course, do not follow politics.