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Who is There?

Who is there to invest
The earth with wonder
But us? To witness its
Billon billion mysteries
Pressed into a mote?
To sing the stories
It is but doesn’t know?
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Harmless Monsters

The cafe furniture's afloat
On rising reverie, a child exhaling
A smile that reaches back to all the smiles
As she spins a simple tale with
Harmless monsters in it,
Her mom's eyes on her and not,
Not anywhere she'd care to say.
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Little Lords

They dressed in smirks
And straight-leg jeans and
Sleeveless undershirts,
Little lords of fast-food
Parking lots on faded asphalt
Friday nights down the road
From patient, hungry
Foretold things.
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Soon Stowed

Truth waits in the bare trees,
Perched there, impassive,
Coal-eyed truth, on the limbs,
In mourning feathers,
Autumn blowing in
Past the huddled harbor masts
And through the tired tin
Of the fun fair rides,
Soon stowed, soon stowed.