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Leprechauns, Trolls, and Giants

On the way up the hill to the old convent, I happened upon four schoolboys. One of them revealed that he was a leprechaun. He offered to have his picture made with me for five euros. I then revealed that I was half troll and half giant and that I would pose for a picture with him for the special leprechaun price of ten euros. We couldn’t come to terms so no pictures were made. Another of the boys asked me where I was from in America. He said he needed the information for a science project. I said I was born in the great forest home of the trolls and giants — Manhattan. He asked if I knew Frank Sinatra. I said I did, but that the Chairman sadly had passed on. A third boy shook my hand, perhaps in condolence, and we went our separate ways.


I’ve retired after a career teaching law. I divide my time now between Athens, Georgia, in the States and the south coast of Ireland.